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January 4, 2019 No comments exist

Alright folks, here we are starting another calendar year.  So many people get excited at the prospect of new beginnings.  They think of it as an opportunity to tackle something they want to do or change.  I  however, have the perception that everyday we are blessed to be here for another is an opportunity to do so.  Why wait for a reason or excuse like a new year, or “on Monday” or any other time but the present to put forth your attention to what it is you want to do.  Notice I said want, not have to.

I think the reason is because not uncommonly people look for motivation to get them geared up to make a change or simply move forward. It took me a long time to figure out that this is a little backwards. To truly be motivated one must first be inspired. By simply anything that speaks to their true self. Whatever gets them juiced up.  If you are lagging in energy to exercise, organize your home, change or start a career or a new relationship for that matter, it’s not enough to merely want it and by the desire alone feel motivated to do it. That is a thought process. What really invokes change is a feeling about something. A deep down desire, passion if you will. That’s where inspiration lies. The feeling about something that so gets you excited that you feel a “need” to do something about it not just think about it.

When you can attribute a feeling to something you want with an end result, then and only then will you be truly motivated. It’s not enough to say,”I’d like to loose 20lb.s or make more money or travel more.”  Those are just words that come from an idea of something we feel is missing to truly make us happy. True happiness resides within our soul. And to access that we need to honor who we really are. We need to pay attention to what makes us smile, fills our heart, gets us excited. Not everyone knows what this is for them. Isn’t that the age old problem?  We don’t know what to do with our lives. We’ve been programmed to work, pay the bills, raise a family and do what’s necessary. And while all those things are certainly important, there is no rule but the ones we place on ourselves that says we have to do them at the cost of sacrificing our true happiness. None whatsoever!

Every single one of us has something within us that gets us excited! Honor yourself by taking the time to discover what that is. Is it being out in nature, enjoying art, making art or amazing food? Is it talking to others and sharing your knowledge.  Are you someone who enjoys children or traveling or science?  There isn’t anyone who doesn’t have some kind of interest and that my friends is your first clue! Pay attention! When you realize what makes you smile to yourself as you sit alone and think about specific things you enjoy, take note, you have now been inspired. That smile you make for yourself while you ponder your interests is the feeling I want you to promote within yourself. That “feeling” is where you get your motivation to move in the direction you are suppose to be going.

It’s time to activate! Every day take some time, and we all have it, to sit with yourself and bring forth the intention you want. Whatever that may be for you. Be mindful and pay attention. No one is more or less special that they can not have exactly what they want. Find your inspiration and your motivation will follow…then the activation will begin! 

Here’s to your happiness!

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