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Ok, so it’s that time of year again. You know, the day comes and you can no longer ignore the need for your winter coats and scarves. So if you are anything like me, (and yes, I have these moments too!) you are fraught with the notion of contemplating when you will finally alot yourself the time to do “the deed”  Da  Da  Da….The winter clothes changeover! Is there anything more unappealing then spending the day going in and out of your attic lugging boxes and bins back and forth? I think not! Even for me, I sit and ponder the idea that perhaps I have a dentist appt. on the calendar. So you get the drift of where I stand with this chore.

Anyway, I’m sorry, I know these posts are suppose to be inspiring. So onward I will go with a positive note. The one thing I can tell you is I love fall clothes, which yes, carry over to winter. The boots, the fun hats, the different jackets and coats I get to wear. It’s more work, but honestly, I personally feel more put together. So I start thinking this is an opportunity to start having fun. And as you start pulling things out of those boxes and bins, you’ll be reminded of all the cool things that have been in hibernation awaiting their wake-up call from their rightful owner so they can once again be put on full display for you to look upon adoringly until you decide which you will be adorning yourself with that day.

C’mon you’ve got to admit, even if you don’t consider yourself one to be so involved with fashion, isn’t it even a little fun to change things up and find yourself an excuse to go shopping to add to your new seasons wardrobe? And you can’t (or shouldn’t) do that until you see what you already have…sorry, considering my business, I had to throw that in…lol!

So let’s all put on our big girl cleaning clothes and get those boxes. Fall outfits await!

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