Things that make you go Ahhh….

July 17, 2017 No comments exist

You know that feeling you get when you go to the beach, especially early in the morning or at dusk and there is hardly a soul around?  As you gaze upon the shore and take a deep breath in and out as you watch the waves take their breath as well, in and out, as they come into the shore line then back out again.  Or when you’re on a long drive and you glance upon a pasture where the cows and horses are grazing peacefully with not a care in the world.  Wouldn’t you love to capture that feeling and hold onto it, even for a bit every day? Wouldn’t you love to open the door when you get home at the end of a long day and just get a sense of peace, a sense of Ahhh?


What can you do for yourself that would allow yo to do that?  Ask yourself if you could spare just five minutes each morning before you leave your house for the day. I bet the answer is absolutely!  Yes, I know things are rushed and harried as they are for all of us. However, if you consider the payoff of what a few minutes in the morning would make to us when we walk into our space at the end of the day and feel happy to be home instead of wanting to turn around and leave again, it is totally worth making the effort to pay attention to what we can do to fit those few minutes in.  Get up a few minutes early, iron your clothes in the evening, pack a lunch the night before or maybe take your coffee to go instead of sitting with it.  These aren’t such big deals if you think about it.  None of them take more than a few minutes themselves.


When you open your front door, whichever is the room that you enter is where I want you to put that five minutes.  Is it your mudroom, your living room, your kitchen?  Clearly cleaning your house before you leave for the day is not going to happen,  If you try to do that on a daily basis, you will no doubt, always feel exhausted.  Not a good way to start off.  I understand there are some superwomen out there that can accomplish this (but I have never met them….another urban myth?) but for the purposes of reaching the majority here, we’re sticking with the five minute rule.  Look around and see what it is in that space that can be pulled together to give it a welcoming feeling.  Clearing the coffee table off and sprucing the sofa pillows and a quick dust may mean the difference between giving you a sense of calm when you get home as opposed to, ugh, look at this mess!  Certainly no sense of Ahhh there.


So put the dishes in the dishwasher and wipe down the counters, or sweep the mudroom and put the shoes in order.  Whatever you can manage in five minutes, trust me, when you get home it will mean all the difference in how you feel.  This is your home after all, a place where you are supposed to feel your most relaxed.  If you were having company, surely you’d make the effort to make them comfortable.  Don’t you think you’re worth doing that for yourself!


Wishing you peace and Ahhh!

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