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February 9, 2017 No comments exist

Welcome to my blog post. I just want to give you one easy idea to help you sleep better at night.  I know, I know, you’re probably thinking, “How could a concierge service provide me with advice on sleeping better.” Because, my friend, that’s what we do! We take the stress out of your day. Who wouldn’t like to have less stress in their life? Work, kids, bills to pay, houses to clean, errands to run, dogs to walk etc. Life can be so overwhelming not just sometimes, but most times. Too much to do and not enough hours in the day to do them.

Ok.  So here’s the solution and it’s as easy as it sounds. Lists!  That’s right lists. Well of course I know you’ve thought about that. The funny thing is most people think even writing a list is something they don’t want to bother about. You know why?  Because you actually have to take time out of your day to sit down and do it!  So don’t!  What did I say?  Yup, I said don’t. How many times have you written a list only to go to the store and forget something on it anyway?  What is the one tool that we couldn’t imagine living our lives without pen and paper…uh, no! Our, phone, right?!  So stop writing and start dictating. You know that little “reminder” app that comes on all the phones these days? Yes, at the end of each day, not in the morning, unless of course you remembered something you’d like to add, jot or dictate your list of things to do for the next day down on that app.  Don’t get all caught up in prioritizing them just yet. Just get them down. Most nights we go to bed we end up lying there thinking of all the things we didn’t get done today and/or need to get done tomorrow. If our minds aren’t clear we can’t relax. It’s not rocket science. Just get them out of your head.  If you don’t engage the services of someone in my business that can take care of these things for you, and whose job it is to organize these services, then take a quick look at the list again in the morning and put it in order of what’s most important and accessible in terms of getting them done in the midst of your day.  Not forgetting to pick your kids up from school is more important than say, picking up your dry cleaning I would think…lol!


So there it is! Don’t spend too much time at the table. Instead, when you are flipping through fb, or checking your texts and e-mails, take two minutes and do this one thing for yourself that will allow you to go to bed with one less thing on your mind and help you get the rest you deserve.  Sleep tight! 🙂

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