20 Minutes vs 20 Hours

February 8, 2017 No comments exist

Seeing the big picture is not always the best way to go…in my humble opinion anyway. If you think about it, why do you suppose so many people feel overwhelmed when they consider tackling a big project? “Look at the big picture” is an oft used saying when trying to motivate people into doing just such things. Instead we are wrought with feelings of dread with the ensuing task at hand. Just look at the closet that has yet to be organized or the drawers overflowing with unused utensils that at one time or another we were compelled to buy for just the circumstance when its necessity would arise. Only, two years later we realize its potential has been left unfulfilled. A classic case of someday that never came.

When you walk into a room that use to be your bedroom, but now somehow it resembles a catch all for laundry, crafts, work out equipment and so forth, are you inspired or relaxed? Most definitely not. And when you mull over the idea of, today I will finally clean this room and turn it into a place that makes me feel inspired or relaxed, do you then, two minutes in, throw in the towel. Hmmm…I wonder why. There is nothing wrong with you! You are not lazy or unmotivated by nature…you are just not sure how to proceed. It’s too much, so you walk away and dare I say, wish it away. Well, we know that never works. So what does?


I will pose a question to you that will simply let you answer that for yourself. If you could organize that room in 20 minutes do you think you could stick with it? You sure could! So that’s what you’re going to do. Don’t look at that messy room and say forget it, not today. Look at that one box or one pile or that one section of your closet. That’s it. No more that. And I don’t care if you can’t do that more than a few times a week. Because, if you do that one 20 min. task today and walk away, I guarantee you will feel an incredible sense of accomplishment. And when you do that a second time and a third time and so on, before you know it, that room will be that place that you can relax. And you will come to know there is nothing that can’t be accomplished in a short amount of time with a little consistency. And that goes with anything you are trying to accomplish in life. Be it learning to play an instrument, a new language or perhaps finishing your degree.


Don’t look at the big picture, sometimes it can be blinding. Look at the small one. The one you can see in your narrow view, so as to not get distracted by everything else. And one day when you are finally seeing the scope of all those narrow views combined, it’ll be the big beautiful picture that you created all by yourself. There is nothing you can’t accomplish You got this!

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